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14 Mar How do I make Bastia and Calvi style purses
Joseph 0 8130
Here is a fairly comprehensive outline of the process I use to make my Bastia, Calvi and Calvi Duo style SLG’s (small leather goods).Let’s start with materials. Regardless of the leather used, the thickness is critically important. It cannot be thicker than 0.6mm. This is because all my SLG’s are do..
14 Mar How Alwmark Leather came to be
Joseph 0 1902
Hi, Joseph here. I am now a full time leather crafts person, working from my studio in Manchester, UK. This has not always been the case though, so here is a little bit about how I got here.I worked in luxury retail for a number of years. The company I worked for continues to be one of the bigge..
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